Boosting Your Immune System with Antioxidants


During this very stressful time of coronavirus lockdown people aren’t able to go about their daily lives. They are stuck at home with family and bored out of their mind. Some may even have loved ones with coronavirus. One way to reduce stress is to get more antioxidants.

What is an antioxidant? It is a compound that prevents oxidation caused by stress. Whole plant foods are high in antioxidants while animal foods contain little to no antioxidants. The heme iron found in animal foods is actually a pro-oxidant.

Some of these items are easier to find than others but you can always get them on Amazon. At the grocery store you should be able to find red cabbage / purple cabbage which has a high antioxidant content, is the least expensive, and most widely available. But if you want the highest antioxidant content known to humans get Amla or Indian Gooseberry. It comes in powered form which is easily available online. Amla powder is super bitter but you only need a pinch.

Spices like cloves, ginger, rosemary, and turmeric are high in antioxidants and great for inflammation such as muscle pain, headaches, migraines. The human body uses all of the antioxidant you intake. Antioxidants don’t get wasted so get as many as you can.

Some of the capsules sold in stores and online may contain inert or harmful substances instead of what is on the label so I have included links to products below that allow you to fill your own capsules while saving money.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy tomorrow.


Amla the most antioxidant-packed, non-contaminated, non-mutagenic whole food on the planet: dried Indian gooseberry powder.
Dragons Blood

#1 antioxidant bargain in the world: purple cabbage—red cabbage.
Superfood Bargains

The More Antioxidants you eat the more you benefit.
Maxing Out on Antioxidants

The Top Four Anti-Inflammatory Spices

Iron may be a double-edged sword. “Iron deficiency causes anemia, whereas excessive iron [may increase] cancer risk, presumably by” acting as a pro-oxidant, generating free radicals.
Donating Blood to Prevent Cancer


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Organic Amla Powder 

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