Meals I Used to Eat Before Losing Weight

This is a list of meals that I ate by myself everyday before I started losing weight on the Meal Plan. I have also included calories to pounds and sodium information below.


cuts of raw meat and beef in a meat grinder


3500 calories = 1 lb.
1500 sodium is the recommended daily allowance for anyone with high blood pressure or over the age of 51.
2200 sodium is the recommended daily allowance for for every one else 18-50.
(The RDA for sodium is a limit not a goal.)

After each one of these meals I would feel stuffed almost to the point of vomiting.

The only good thing about eating like this is that the human body cannot process this much food in one meal which limits the calories and cholesterol absorbed. Do not eat like this.

Silverback gorillas eat up to 8000 calories a day.

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Store Bought Meals bratwurst nutrition information meals
Bratwurst Nutrition Information


Entire package of 5 bratwurst on hot dog buns with mayonnaise and ketchup. 3715 calories, 8774 sodium


Rice Krispies Nutrition Information at meals
Cereal Nutrition Information

Half a box Rice Krispies with Half a Gallon of Fat-Free Milk – 2020 calories, 2940 sodium

Ice Cream blue bell ice cream nutrition information meals
Ice Cream Nutrition Information

Approximately 3 cups with chocolate syrup, milk, shell topping, and cereal. 3592 calories, 1584 sodium

Macaroni & Cheese macaroni and cheese nutrition information meals
Macaroni & Cheese Nutrition Information

Entire box with lots of extra butter, milk, and salt. – 1564 calories, 15,970 sodium

Ramen Noodles Maruchan Ramen Noodles Nutrition Information chart meals
Ramen Noodles Nutrition Information

3 Packages and I would add enough salt to burn my throat. 1140 calories, 18,980 sodium

Restaurant Food & Fast Food

Burger King burger king nutrition information meals
Burger King Nutrition Information

1 Whopper with Cheese, 1 Large French Fries, 1 Vanilla Milk Shake – 2162 calories, 2508 sodium

Chinese Food
single meal – 1800 calories.
I had to order two meals because there was a minimum order for delivery so I would eat two meals a day. Usually I would also order an appetizer that was a big fried cracker I don’t remember what it was called but it was really greasy. I would use it instead of silverware with foods like fried rice and mushu.

Long John Silvers long john silvers nutrition information meals
Long John Silvers Nutrition Information

2 Battered Alaskan Pollock, 2 Chicken Tenders, 6 Battered Shrimp, 1/3 Box Breaded Clam Strips, Popcorn Shrimp 1/3 Box, 3 Cocktail Sauce, 6 Packets Tartar Sauce, 4 Hushpuppies – 1906 calories, 5596 sodium

McDonald’s mcdonald's nutrition information meals
McDonald’s Nutrition Information

3 BigMacs, 3 Large Fries, Salt, Mayonnaise, Ketchup – 3963 calories, 12592 sodium

Pizza Hut or Store Bought Pizza pizza hut nutrition information meals
Pizza Hut Nutrition Information

Large entire pizza – 2380 calories, 4800 sodium

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen popeye's nutrition information meals
Popeye’s Nutrition Information

2 Chicken, 2 Biscuit, Beans and Rice, Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, Green Beans, Macaroni & Cheese, 2 Corn Cob – 2349 calories, 4698 sodium

Sonic Drive-In sonic drive-in nutrition information meals
Sonic Nutrition Information

SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger with Mustard, Tater Tots Large, Onion Rings Large, Ched ‘R’ Peppers Large, Ocean Water Extra Large, Sonic Blast M&M Large – 5478 calories, 7055 sodium

Taco Bell taco bell nutrition information meals
Taco Bell Nutrition Information

10 tacos – 1700 calories, 3100 sodium

Taco Bueno taco bueno nutrition information meals
Taco Bueno Nutrition Information

MexiDips & Chips, Beef Big Ol’ Burrito – 1642 calories,  2908 sodium

Taco Casa taco casa nutrition information meals
Taco Casa Nutrition Information

Super Nachos, Super Burrito, Super Taco – 2349 calories, 4180 sodium





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