Volume Eating

Using this method you can eat more and weigh less.

This is the method that Chef AJ uses in her Ultimate Weight Loss Program. I have heard her talk about it on her Weight Loss Wednesday program on Facebook and Youtube which is available for free. I have put together this page because I think her program is the best method for fat loss without counting calories, portion control, or weighing and measuring.

Using this method you will naturally reach your correct body weight and eat as much as you want.

Print this image and keep it on your refrigerator. You should eat the foods above the line to lose weight.

As Dr. Goldhamer always says “Show me a fat person and I will show you someone who is not willing to eat enough vegetables.”
~Chef AJ

Volume eating is eating large volumes of calorie sparse foods. These foods are non-starchy vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, squash, zucchini, spinach, kale, etc. They can be eaten raw, boiled, or baked.

Meal Sequencing

Eat your vegetables first. Before you have breakfast eat a pound of vegetables. Before lunch eat a pound of vegetables. Before dinner eat a pound of vegetables.

Big Salad

Before breakfast make yourself a big salad. Take your largest mixing bowl and fill it with chopped non-starchy vegetables then top it with balsamic vinegar and / or lemon juice.

Ad Libitum Eating

Eat as much as you want until you are comfortably full.

The Fat You Eat is the Fat You Wear
~Dr. John McDougall

Do not add fat to your food. Fat you eat will be stored in your body as fat. Do not use any vegetable oils when cooking your food. Avocado and nuts should also be avoided.

Abstinence, Moderation, Addiction, & SOFAS

There are certain products on the market today that are made to keep you addicted. Potato chips is one of these products. You can’t eat just one. A potato chip is a vegetable that has been fried in oil and salted. The combination of oil (fat) and salt will keep you craving more and more until you finish the bag and you feel guilty, fat, and sad. In order to avoid this abstain from using salt, oil, flour, alcohol, and sugar aka SOFAS. These are all addictive substances that trigger cravings. Why not just eat these substances in moderation? If you are reading this you are probably a food addict whether you know it or not. Do you use caffeine? Why can’t an alcoholic just drink in moderation? Because they are addicted and one drop is enough to trigger their addiction.

Clean Up Your Environment

“If it’s in your house it’s in your mouth.”
~Chef AJ

Seeing foods like chips, cookies, and pies will cause you to eat them. Even knowing they are in your house will cause cravings. Get them out of your house and out of your life.

Satiation & Starch

After you eat your vegetables if you are still hungry eat some starch like potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, beans, lentils, rice, corn. Potatoes are the most satiating food on Earth. Once again do not top them with SOFAS. Potatoes will not make you fat it is the sour cream, bacon, cheese, and butter that will make you fat.

Ultimate Weight Loss Program

I recommend you join the Ultimate Weight Loss Program. You get access to the Ultimate Weight Loss facebook group where both Chef AJ and John Pierre physical trainer for the stars will be there to answer your questions day or night.



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