Light Exercise to Increase Your Health

Here are some light exercise routines that I like.

Light Exercise - blonde woman in pink tank top lifting free weights

Exercise is not required for weight loss but it is recommended to improve health. It will also tighten muscles, improve joint pain, burn more calories at rest, and make you feel better.

If or when you decide to exercise do not do it in excess because it can make you hungry. Exercise should make you feel better not worse. Also people with a lower metabolic rate who restrict calories have a longer lifespan.
Slowing Our Metabolism with Nitrate-Rich Vegetables (video)


Exercise for Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday:

Standing Dumbbell Curls and Single Arm Overhead Curls 4 sets of 10 reps using a 10 lb. weight. I started with 1 set and added a set after a week. You can even start with less weight if you need to.

How to Do Standing Dumbbell Curls (video)

How to Do the Single Arm Overhead Press Exercise | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove (video)


Exercise for Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs (video)


Saturday Rest.


Exercise Articles & Videos:

Sedentary behavior raises dementia risk as much as genetic factors
Just 45 minutes of exercise a week can benefit older adults with arthritis
Just 20 minutes of exercise enough to reduce inflammation, study finds
Turmeric Curcumin vs. Exercise for Artery Function (video)
Exercise prevents cellular aging by boosting mitochondria


Here are some exercise videos that I have done in the past but no longer do:

No Equipment Upper Body Workout for Great Arms, Shoulders and Upper Back (video)
Stretches for Back Pain Relief, How to Stretch Routine, Beginners Home Yoga (video)


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